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We are young, lean, and excited to bring you the very best in premium supplements and nootropics.

Elevating Your Baseline

When our founder began courses for an elite quantitative/computational finance mater's degree, he realized something: in this domain, he was no longer one of the smartest students. His classmates were all very bright mathematicians and computer scientists. To keep up with his peers and fuel his learning, he experimented with natural nootropics - "smart drugs/cognitive enhancers."

It turned out that nootropics were very effective at improving his memory, reducing his stress, enabling his focus, and improving his sleep. Yet, he found it a hassle to scoop all of the different powders and keep track of the multiple pills. He wished there existed a convenient way to get the benefits of his newly discovered, effective nootropics and supplements.

So, he created Nu Stic. He knew what worked and what didn't; he wanted to share the positive effects that he had come to love with others, but without the hassle of dealing with multiple powders or pills. We want you to experience what a naturally elevated baseline and profound state of health feel like - say hello to a sharpened mind, endless vitality, and impactful sleep.

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Our Journey So Far

Summer 2023


After years of experimenting with hundreds of vitamins, supplements, and nootropics, our founder settles on formulas that he is willing to put his name behind and share with others. Nu Stic registers as a c-corp in Deleware, raises venture funding, and begins limited production to a select group.

Summer 2024


Our first products are finally available to the public!

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