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Embrace a sharpened mind, endless vitality, and impactful recovery

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You will notice

an undeniable

improvement in your wellness - we guarantee it.

Familiarize yourself with the feeling of a proper stress response, super mental acuity/focus/memory, a fortified immune system, endless vitality, and invigorating sleep with impactful recovery.


Incorporate our Stics into your daily, nightly, and exercise routines; we are confident you will notice a difference after the first month. If you are not completely satisfied after that time, we will refund your purchase with no questions asked. We are that confident in our Stics.

We Source Exceptional Supplements & Nootropics into our Stics

Dedication to Quality

Our founder is a freak for quality. He only puts the very best into his body, and wants you to do the same. That's why all of our products are organic and sourced from only the most reputable places. It may cost more, but Nu Stic doesn't believe in skimping on health.

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Dedication to Efficacy

Our founder tested hundreds (maybe even thousands) of supplements and nootropics over multiple years to only include the ones that work. In addition, every ingredient in our products has undergone multiple peer-reviewed studies. But if you don't believe our founder or the studies, you are welcome to feel the difference for yourself.

Dedication to Safety

Unlike a pharmaceutical company, which is motivated to drive profits by keeping a diseased population, we offer our products to raise the health and wellness levels of the globe. Every ingredient is all-natural and has undergone decades of peer-reviewed testing to ensure safety. We encourage you to consult your doctor or dietitian if you are hesitant about supplementing with all-natural, organic ingredients.

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Discarding a    Traditional "Responsive" Approach to Health


You are already acquainted with Ben Franklin's wisdom regarding the relative worth of an "ounce of prevention vs. a pound of cure."

Well, think of Nu Stic as a gram of flourish; it's incomplete to solely label Nu Stic as "preventative" because we're more than that - we're "thrivative."

Unlock a proper stress response, super mental acuity/focus/memory, a fortified immune system, endless vitality, and deep sleep. 


Your future self will thank you for investing today in your brain and body.

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